Skin Care

When most people think about dermatology, the first thought is procedures like Botox or face-lifts or plastic surgery. Dermatology is a fancy word, but all it really means is the care and treatment of the skin, hair and nails. We take this to heart at Summerlin Dermatology, and we treat skin of all skin types and age range. That means while we do plenty of detailed medical procedures, injection therapies and laser treatments, we also have plenty of smaller treatments available. They may be smaller scale, but by no means are they less effective. These various treatments are powerful preventative measures, as well as maintenance and rejuvenation treatments. 

Constant care is incredibly important for the continued health and beauty of your skin. When you’re young, you may have very little in the way of skin diseases, wrinkles or other skin conditions we treat in the medical and cosmetic sections of our program. As you age, skin problems become more common. You may develop wrinkles or age spots.

In order to help prevent the worsening of skin conditions or the development of those conditions in the first place, it is ideal to start a skin care program early on. After all, you already have youthful skin. Why wait until it starts to deteriorate before you work to save it? Using some of these treatments below, you might be able to delay the signs of aged skin. You’re vibrant and energetic look will stay with you for much longer, and you’ll feel healthier too.

We believe that true beauty is always within reach. Even if you’re already experiencing the mild effects of skin conditions and aging, it is never too late to start a skin care program. Check out some of these options below, and get started on your path to healthier and more beautiful skin. If you have questions about any of our skin care options, or if you would like to hear more about any of them, please contact us today. The trained staff at Summerlin Dermatology is always happy to help. 

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