Body Contouring

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a treatment to redefine the shape of the body.  The process involves eliminating excess fat or skin to help give a tightened and toned appearance. Procedures can improve areas such as excess fat under the chin that seems to get worse as we age, the looseness of the neck and chest, saggy skin after weight loss, pouch on the stomach, hips or thighs that we cannot seem to lose despite diet and exercise, sagging buttocks, and lastly the cellulite and stretch marks that affect multiple areas of our body.


Injections, skin tightening therapy, fat reduction therapy, laser, Dermroller® and microneedling are all options available to you when you schedule for your evaluation.

Call us here at Summerlin Dermatology in Las Vegas to discuss your treatment options to achieve a more tightened and toned appearance with body contouring.

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