Botox® Wrinkle Blocker to Reduce Frown Lines, Crow’s Feet, and “11’s” Between the Eyes in the Las Vegas Area

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Botox® is a wrinkle blocker used by Dr. Aspacio to reduce the frown lines, “crow’s feet”, “11’s” between the eyes” and much more. Botox® is also classified as a botulinum toxin type A medication which is approved in the USA by the FDA. These types of medications are all neuromodulators used in aesthetics for facial rejuvenation and facial contouring. Here at Summerlin Dermatology, Dr. Aspacio has the knowledge and expertise in advanced applications of these neurotoxins. Brow shaping, more open eyes, bunny nose, nasal elevation, gummy smile, downturned smile, pebbly chin, perioral wrinkles, thin lips, broad jawline, neck rejuvenation, facial asymmetry especially due to Bell’s Palsy, are all issues that may be addressed by Dr. Aspacio. With your consultation, Dr. Aspacio may open the world of possibilities for you.

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Brooke, 31



Benefits of Botox®

Repeated muscle contractions from years of smiles and frowns and surprises deepen facial lines, and Botox® is the very best in anti-aging treatment to look younger and become the best version of you, naturally.  It is a cosmetic injectable treatment that can enhance youthful beauty by softening, reducing, and occasionally eliminating fine lines and wrinkles due to muscle action.  Once it is injected, it seeks and finds just the right nerve endings that cause the contraction and halts the spark that contracts the muscle by blocking the release of a neurotransmitter.

The most natural and beautiful outcomes with Botox® treatments require meticulous attention to detail, technical finesse, vast experience and aesthetic talent. Reducing, rather than removing, muscle action with Botox®, subtly and naturally balancing a softer and more rejuvenated appearance while maintaining natural expression is always the goal.

Botox® treatments are safe, simple, and effective for restoration of natural, youthful beauty and softening the effects of aging. Botox® is extremely effective, quick, and no downtime. It has been used for decades and has an impeccable safety record following tens of millions of treatments.

Botox® Testimonial

Eliana, 32


At Summerlin Dermatology we are always accepting new patients. Call us and book your Botox® appointment today.

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