What is Folliculitis?

Folliculitis comes in several forms, all of which have similar symptoms. It is, simply, the inflammation of the hair follicles. It can occur anywhere on the body, as long as hair follicles are present. The results are an itchy red bump that resembles an acne. It can happen to people of all ages, genders and ethnicities. African-Americans even have a variety specifically caused by overly short curly hair. Folliculitis is a simple illness, and responds quickly and easily to treatment, but can come back just as easily. A solid treatment regimen is necessary to cure it entirely.

Causes and Treatments

Bacteria, virus and yeast are some of the more common causes. Thankfully, a number of treatment options are available in our medical offices.

Simply make an appointment with Summerlin Dermatology and visit one of our friendly and experienced providers to learn about the best treatment options for you.

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