Rashes & Contact Dermatitis

What are Rashes and Contact Dermatitis?

Rashes are a general term for itchy red lesions on the body. Eczema and psoriasis are rashes covered in another section. Contact dermatitis, another itchy rash, is increasingly a big issue in patients we see. The rash may be the nickel found in belts and jewelry and may present itself as an irritated rash on the earlobes or around the belly button. The itchy swollen red areas of your tattoo may be an allergy to the red pigment. The rash on top of your feet may be the leather in your shoes. The rash on your face may be the olive trees or weeds around your area. General itching may also be that gold filling in your teeth, or the preservatives in your soaps, moisturizer or the medicated cream you were prescribed.

Causes and Treatment

Indeed the reasons for contact dermatitis are enormous. Patience, an index of suspicion and good detective work may reveal the reason for that rash. When identified, avoidance will prevent future breakouts.

If you are seeking help in determining and alleviating the symptoms of your contact dermatitis, contact Dr. Aspacio and his team to schedule an appointment. 

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