Restylane® Defyne™ Filler Injections Non-surgical Wrinkle Treatment in the Las Vegas Area

Restylane® Defyne™, Summerlin Dermatology, Las Vegas, NV, Dr. Reuel Aspacio

What is Restylane Defyne?

Restylane® Defyne™ is a hyaluronic acid filler from the Restylane family of products. It is approved for the correction of deeper wrinkles of the face such as nasolabial folds (smile lines).

What makes Restylane® Defyne™ different from other hyaluronic acid fillers?

Restylane® Defyne™ is a smooth gel that provides good support of deeper wrinkles. In clinical studies it was shown to be quite comfortable during injection as numbing medication called lidocaine is mixed into the filler itself. Because of how the hyaluronic acid strands within Restylane® Defyne™ are bonded together, the gel is smooth and integrates well into the area of injection. Also due to its filler structure, Restylane® Defyne™ may provide a longer duration and allow less swelling than some previous fillers used for wrinkle reduction.

Where can Restylane® Defyne™ be used?

Restylane® Defyne™ is a more robust filler, therefore Dr. Aspacio uses it to provide structure and support to areas of the face that have lost volume over time. The marionette lines, cheeks, jawline, may be appropriate areas of Restylane Defyne placement on your face.

Does Restylane® Defyne™ look natural in the face?

We’ve all seen someone who has overdone their fillers.  Dr. Aspacio is careful to select the right injectable dermal filler for each patient. Restylane® Defyne™ integrates into the area of placement extremely well. This filler is a very natural result.

Restylane® Defyne™, Summerlin Dermatology, Dr. Reuel Aspacio

Can Restylane® Defyne™ be combined with other fillers or procedures?

Yes, Restylane® Defyne™ may be combined with a multitude of other fillers, to create a liquid facelift, especially to the face to create natural looking rejuvenation. Restylane® Defyne™ is used as a foundational hyaluronic acid filler, that addresses deeper volume loss much like Restylane Lyft (Perlane), Radiesse, Voluma, or Sculptra. Combined with finer fillers Dr. Aspacio can accentuate small areas of needed correction or subtle lines.

How much downtime is there following this treatment?

There is typically mild to minimal swelling following Restylane® Defyne™ treatment. While individual results may vary, most patients experience minimal to mild swelling for a day or two. Most patients can resume daily social activities same day.

Does this injection hurt?

There is typically minimal pain during the injection. This product is manufactured with numbing (lidocaine) pre-incorporated into the filler.

What is the cost of Restylane® Defyne™?

The price ranges by number of syringes used and the area of product placement. Please come in for a consultation and we can provide you with the anticipated price for you.

If you are looking for a non-surgical alternative for getting rid of crow’s feet and other fine lines in the Las Vegas area, call Dr. Reuel Aspacio at 702-243-4501 to schedule your appointment.

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